ANZAC Day Get Together 2024

This ANZAC Day some of us met at the Absolute Thai in William Street Hornsby for a meal and to discuss some issues relevant for the current situation we have before us today. We all enjoyed the service and the meals we had and so we strongly recommend this establishment if you want to have authentic Thai food in Hornsby.

Some of the subjects we discussed include:

The ACL meeting in Newcastle concerning the Gender Fluid fightback by the Cass Report (Dr Cass lead an inquiry into the historical medical treatment of Gender Dysphoria in children and if there was any harmful effects.

The huge waste of about $12.6 Billion on vaccines for Covid19 that will expire before being used by mid 2025 and the various things that this wasted money could have been used on.

The huge waste of Governments into inquiries into projects that if ever are done are many years in the waiting to be completed – for example the expenditure on the Very Fast Train (still no plans to proceed), and the Newcastle Inner City Bypass (approved in 1935 and still not complete in 2024).

                The Environment concerning recycling (we do so little of it) and the desire to remove cars off the road that are more than 15 years old often by writing off vehicles with almost no noticeable damage; as well as the green energy push where the solar panels have a lifespan of between 15 to 20 years but are dirty to produce and no current recycling capacity at the end of life, and the blades on the wind turbines are made of nonrecyclable material and also have a life span of approximately 10 to 15 years.

All these matters give hope for a change as the real truth is told and so we need to increase our membership and influence and to spread the information to all our friends, family, neighbours and even our enemies because we have Good News for all Australians and their future.

Come and join us as we develop real policies for change to the real truth and Justice for all Australians!!!