The value one places on life is critical in regard to how we need to treat people who are ill. We believe life is very important and that we should not have a trivial approach to life. We note that the Governments in Australia have a view that person ought not to commit suicide, as there is a lot of money spent on preventing suicide – some of this is through an organisation called Beyond Blue. We consider life is valuable and precious in the sight of our creator God. Doctors main purpose is to preserve life and not to take and active action to end life.


  • End of life ought to be a natural event and not rushed in any way.
  • Doctors ought not to assist in bringing forward the death of a person.

  • Palliative care must be offered to all persons suffering from a terminal illness.

  • Palliative care must be fully funded by Government as the needs arise.

  • Suffering people ought to be given what is needed to relieve the suffering.

  • When administering pain killers the medical team must not attempt to end the person’s life but fully manage the pain as no person should suffer unnecessarily.
  • It will be an offense to promote termination of a person’s life by human intervention.

  • It will not be an offense if in administering palliative care medication to relieve suffering and the dose becomes terminal to the patient.