The Hospital System is Fully Broken

There is story after story of a health system in real crisis in NSW and in fact right through the country; the reason is clear, as far as we are concerned, – failure to keep the hospital system growth and support with the same relative growth as the population is growing. It seems that for many decades that the various governments have permitted the hospital system to idle along without the required increases in beds right across the sector; as would be required to keep the health services in line with community expectations. This is a generational problem that must be addressed very soon. We at the Christians for Community seek to begin to correct this problem; we know it will not take a short while to correct since it has taken decades to fall in to the disrepair it has fallen into. Will you support us to fix your hospital system? We certainly hope so!

The above report is just one of many that we could put here as it is repeated time and time again, and all is totally unacceptable as healthcare is an essential service for any community. We should never permit any health system fall into such a state of disrepair that our career politicians have permitted while they have squandered the tax dollars collected over the past several decades. Yet not only that these career politicians have also sold many parts of the States infrastructure for “a few pieces of silver” so as to squander such gains on pet programs of very dubious purposes.

Problems with Staffing Arrangements

Problems even before entering Emergency Departments

There is much more that could be said but this demonstrates a partof the seriousness of the problem; It is our aim to set about plans to fix this problem, as it is unacceptabe for this to continue without direct government involvement to fix the problems!