Health – Vaccine – Covid19

In these days of contrived health emergencies as Covid 19 the following is to be accounted:

1. The marketed Covid 19 vaccine was developed as a biological weapon weaponizing corona
virus in a defence biological laboratory in Fort Detrick MD and later in Wuhan. Those who have
taken these injections are now finding side effects including blood clotting, neurological,
cardiac, vascular, fertility failure, and sudden death.

2. The World Health Organisation should no longer to be regarded as authoritative for health
matters since their past and present actions have been underpinned by a policy of eugenics.
(e.g., AIDS and Ebola) These diseases, AIDS, Ebola and Covid are initiated by an injection.

3. The imposition by our state and federal governments of these injections on our citizens are
an act of democide. The temporal relationship between excess mortality and plummeting
birth rate with the Covid-19 jab rollout cannot be ignored.

Policy Position:

  •  The medical profession is to remain independent and free from government control
    in the pursuit of their hypocritic oath.
  • C4C holds all politicians who imposed, countenanced, aided, and abetted Covid–19
    impositions and mandates as having committed treason and crimes against humanity
    under the Nuremburg Code and such are NOT fit to remain in office.
  • Our Governments, State and Federal are to be sovereign and free of control from
    international organisations such as UN, WHO, WEF and G20.

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