A responsible government will do its utmost to make sure that there are jobs for every Australian and that the jobs bring satisfaction and sufficent income for a family to have a wholesome life. We believe that there must be sufficent hours outside of work to have adquate time to sleep and to have worthwhile recreation each and every week.

Job creation and protection:

Christians for Community supports real job creation and we oppose the exporting of Australian jobs by the offshore call centres, the so called free trade deals that take away our local jobs and we support building the things we need here because it keeps our country going with as many people in full-time employment as possible. We understand the value of a nation where all people are strong contributors to the national wealth.

Many speak about an independent Australia and divert on the claim of “only a republic Australia will give us independence” and yet we have tied our nation so tightly to all others by agreements that have taken our jobs and stolen out financial independence. Most of our raw materials are now managed or owned by foreign interests and we have taxes avoided due to so many international agreements. Only the Christians for Community will create the economic circumstances to create jobs for all Australians. Meaningless job creation schemes of our opponents are pointless and very expensive in so many ways. We will get the nation working again

Truth about monthly job numbers:

Every month the government gives information of the number of jobs for that month and if all were added up we would have virtually 100% employment. WHY? The details are developed from the number of forms filled out by employees so that PAYE tax can be deducted from the wages for an employee starting a new job. Most of the jobs vacancies are ones replacing people who have resigned for some reason. As well we do not see adjustments downwards when large numbers are dismissed when a large business closes. So these figures are not reliable as we are lead to believe; unless or until full details of movements within the workforce are disclosed, presented and audited.

Build them here:

Build them here is a strong component of our job creation program. For example, the new country trains for NSW to be built locally here would cost less that15% more than some trains that are planned to be purchased from South Korea and these trains need modification to fit some of our tunnels on at least the Blue Mountain line. We had a robust aircraft industry and we should again re-establish it supply what we need and not to get some other aircraft that may not fully suit Australian conditions. The recently closed car manufacturing industry could again be up and running with a different management structure and with the removal of the so-called free trade deals that gave economic advantage to other palaces and huge disadvantage to Australia. We know some untied grants went to the car industry but the use of government funds in such away is totally unwise in every way. With the investment of government funds comes with it the link to the management decisions as would be expected in any other simliar transaction in the business world.

We can do it and do it right, so give us a chance and we will prove to you the capacity of Australia and Australians to move ahead from strength to strength for a stronger and resilient economic free Australia.