Christians for Community


Who are Christians for Community, C4C? 

We are Christians, and others, who believe that we should have a positive influence on the political and social life of all the people of our communities, first in NSW and extending to all of Australia and the rest of the world. We are motivated by our love and devotion to our God and His creation as we see so much injustice, and underlining discrimination in the claimed inclusive policies placed before our communities by the major political influencers through our world. We believe into this distressed world we can bring real hope, real love and real harmony for all.

Come along and join us in our journey  

How did we begin: 

There was a decision by a small group of people to establish a new Christian political party in NSW so that we could have an effective God based political party to serve all the people of NSW with strong moral and ethical based policies to address the many problems that the major parties have cast upon the people of NSW and Australia. I, Milton Caine, have been chosen, with the assistance of others, to organise all that is necessary to create the framework for this new party to stand strong and well in our community.

The tempory hosting of C4C on my webpage is because we are going through a process of registration and obtaining such things as Not for Profit status and the capacity to have tax deductibility on all donations that the party receives. We have chosen to limit expenditure until the processes are completed and for this reason, we are offering 12 months free membership to the first 100 who sign up to become members. As soon as we are able to raise funds to sort out all that is necessary to create a separate C4C webpage we will establish a separate web page for this purpose.