Membership/Supporter Application

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    Both Members and supporters are very important for a political party to be successful while the rights of each are different both groups form a vital network for the promotion of the aims and policies of the party. In a Christian party both members and supporters are a strong network of prayer support for all during elections and policy development has well as the undergirding spiritual health of the members, candidates and the the ethos of the party so it remains Godly in its purpose, interpersonal relationships and directions in all that it plans and does.
    Membership entitles a person to vote and to stand for all positions in the party and attend all meetings.
    A supporter is unable to vote or stand for positions in the party but can attend and contribute in meetings.
    For the registration of the party's name to be on the ballot paper both members and supporters details may be used to obtain sufficient numbers to register with the NSW Electoral Commission.

    Are you applying for an initial free membership or to be a supporter?