New South Wales Politics

The purpose of the politics within NSW is to produce outcomes that enhance the safety and freedom of all the residents and visitors to NSW. The laws ought to be designed to a harmonious and soothe relationship between all persons. Well, yes that is the ultimate and that we all know will not be achieved since the personal nature of each person. So, the community select a government that they hope will deliver the best outcome for the most without forgetting the least capable of defending themselves.

We at the C4C seek to make sure that the vulnerable are not forgotten nor disrespected in any way. We want go further than that for those who are falling short of community expectations in regard to living a “lawful life” and to bring them through a path of restoration to becoming respected and lawful abiding members of the community. It is for this reason we in the say we are Christians for Community; as we want the whole community in its full diversity to be able to live comfortably with each other, while respecting the differences of others in their communities.

The Role of Government in a Community

The role of government in a democratic society is to organise the community to be able to function on many levels in freedom for as freedom is restricted then democracy is undermined. In recent years there has been an increasing and relentless attack on the various freedoms that we have been used to having. These restrictions became the strongest during the covid19 pandemic lockdowns. These restrictions led to many protests against the government which in turn was to feed at lot more resentment of government as these restrictions were to see many people shut out of their jobs unless they complied to a vaccination program. People who were strongly invested into their place of work lost support in the government being there for the benefit of the citizens; and as various questionable decisions and actions of many members of government being revealed seem to suggest that many in government were doing many things that were not for the benefit of the citizens but for their own benefit.

The C4C want to re-establish the confidence that ought to be in the Government of the people being for the people. We support the strengthening of the freedoms of the people of NSW so that democracy will be better enhanced.

The C4C recognise that there must be a continual push-back against encroaching regulations that remove more and more freedoms. We seek to find a pathway to enhance our democratically elected government of NSW to be prevented from removing the essential freedoms of the people. Many of us in the C4C have considered the citizens power of veto and the citizens power of incitation of legislation and would like to see open debate on this as this maybe the path that will enhance our freedoms for a long time to come.

Come and discuss this with us!