The principle of herd immunity must be obtained by systematic trust in the health system and in the process of delivery of healthcare with full and factual disclosures of the all the relevant details. However, herd immunity is best obtained by natural immunity as any other immunization program introduces foreign substances into a person; but natural immunity does not use foreign substances and hence there is expected to be any unfortunate side effects and the natural immunity is mostly for life.

In these days of health emergencies, namely the Covid19 pandemic, it is imperative that the subject of vaccinations be fully addressed and so a policy position on vaccinations must be laid down. In principle, the right of each person to be free to decide their health care underpins the whole of the delivery healthcare must not be cast aside, as this principle is a strong democratic right. Therefore, each person’s personal right to vaccinate or not to vaccinate must be maintained in all policy directions and decisions made in the delivery of Healthcare to the Australian population.
In the determination of the need for a new vaccine to be distributed among the community, it is beholden on both the Government and the health officials to be honest and open with the community so that the take up of a vaccine becomes voluntary and evidenced based. To this end the details of what is in the vaccine and how it has been tested and the results of the tests must be freely available to the population, and it must stand strong and robust questioning by both professionals and the general population. It is imperative that any known side effects be fully disclosed, so that a free honest decision can be made with the full understanding of the risks involved in both taking and not taking the vaccine.

We must remember that there is a strong financial reason for the makers and the researchers to have an uptake on their product and this may induce unethical processes and claimed test results.


  1. The medical profession is to remain independent and free from government control
    in the pursuit of their Hippocratic oath.
  2.  C4C holds all politicians who imposed, countenanced, aided, and abetted Covid–19
    impositions and mandates as having committed treason and crimes against humanity
    under the Nuremburg Code and such are NOT fit to remain in office.
  3. Our Governments, State and Federal are to be sovereign and free of control from
    international organisations such as UN, WHO, WEF and G20.
  4. Every vaccine recommended by either the Government or the Department of Health must have full disclosure of all relevant material.
    • All the research details must be made available to the population via their medical practitioner
    • All of the side effects that are known and the potential side effects that are not currently known must be disclosed.
    • The manner of the testing must be disclosed including if live animals were used.
    • The active ingredients must be disclosed including if any animal products are used
  5. The uptake of the vaccines must be informed and voluntary in every way.
  6. Expert advice must never Gaz ump the democratic rights of the members of a democratic society
  7. The imposition of being vaccinated for an employment position must be limited to working in direct contact with medically proven vulnerable people.

The role of natural immunity must also be disclosed, since natural immunity is more effective, with almost no side effects and in most cases will last the lifetime of each person.