Israel has a Right to Safe and Secure Borders!

Historically, Israel has had to defend its borders since the declaration of the State of Israel on May 14th, 1948 as opponents of Israel have continued armed aggression against Israel. Over the decades Israel has had to fight numerous wars and terrorist incursions to protect the integrity of Israel’s borders. Yet Israel has worked hard to establish full diplomatic relationship with many of the states that have either funded terrorist groups as well as directly attempted to destroy the State of Israel by warfare against the State of Israel. While criticism of Israel’s Defence Forces is often loud and often by many nations and the media, yet Israel has often been involved in targeted retaliations against only the aggressive positions and trying hard to avoid non-combatants causalities which can endanger the Israeli military personnel.

We say every nation has the right to have safe and secure borders, and that includes Israel!

Israel is not an Apartheid State!

There are many news items almost every day attacking Israel for the treatment of the Palestinians and if they were true, we would have to condemn Israel; yet the truth of the matter is that Israel places it soldiers in potential danger as the Palestinians are warned on any imminent military action so that the non-combatants can leave the area. While Israel bends over backwards to protect the non-combatants who may live or work near selected militrary targets, the Palestinians intentionally place the milatary infrastructure among the non-combatants as well as using non-combatants as human shields. If we compare the rights of citizens in both communities, we will find Israel while being described as an apartheid state is capable of having people of all races living in freedom and as equal citizens. While there are check points at various locations throughout the State of Israel from time to time, we must remember that even within the borders of Israel there are many communities where loyalty to the Palestinians and other terror groups is strong and thus the aiding of terrorist activities is normal from these areas.

As a “state of war” exists between various nations who intentionally sponsor terrorist to attack both the citizens and military targets within Israel. In most countries when war breaks out people with ties to the combatant countries have restricted travel and often interned until the cessations of hostilities. During WW2 Australia had many German nationals and Japanese nationals incrassated in various prison camps until the war was over. Israel is not incrassating but rather using a check point process, so that the population has freedom of movement, how be it monitored via check points. This is not an Apartheid program but a logical restriction as a part of defending all of the population from unwanted terrorist activities.