Psychological Evaluation of Patients Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

We find this very interesting since the need to have an independent psychological evaluation for any cosmetic surgery; yet there is no requirement to fully evaluate a person who is a minor and is expression confusion over their sexuality/gender status.

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It seems that if a person is concerned about their appearance and an evaluation must be done before the simple cosmetic surgery can be performed, even if just some Botox is to be used to enhance the appearance that may be as simple as the hiding of wrinkles; that a minor’s concern about their gender and presenting with potential Gender Dysphoria must at the very least must undergo significant psychological evaluation before such radical and life changing surgery should even be contemplated.

The current policies that prevent any caution in regard to the forward radical direction to hormone blockers and continuing through to radical surgery that removes the breasts of a young girl or the removal of the genitals of a young boy and all other radical reassignment surgery that is not reversable and will render the child infertile for life is extremely appalling and such barbarism should never be permitted or even contemplated by any reasonable health system or medical practitioner.

The Christians for Community strongly support a complete psychological evaluation of any person presenting with Gender Dysphoria as we believe the social and psychological issues must be fully resolved before and radical surgery should ever contemplated.