The beginning of life:

We affirm that human life begins at fertilisation, and therefore should be given legal protection throughout all stages of pregnancy. We have many concerns with the foetal stem cell research; though there may be some potentially good health outcomes we believe that there can be better outcomes from the adult stem cells without the anti-rejection drugs being needed.

The unborn child rights must be protected and cannot be overridden by societies current use of abortion as a form of birth control and as such the permitting of Medicare funding of abortions must cease.

Parents who, for whatever reason, find that they cannot raise a child that they are expecting will be encouraged to use either foster care or adoption services instead of the path to destroy live via an abortion. There is always caring organisations that are prepared to assist any expectant mother through these difficult days and months and one such organisation is Emily’s Voice – we need to create a funding pathway for these grassroots organisations.

The creating of life:

We strongly support the rightful and balanced education on the subject of sex which includes the responsibilities related to sexual outcomes, the establishing of personal abstinence parameters, the respect and dignity of friends and potential partners and or spouses. We believe that the confusion of gender as per the so called Safe Schools Programs and Respectful Relationships Program are unhelpful to all vulnerable young people and must be removed from our education system completely. We believe that the promotion of fidelity within marriage is a strong target for all children to aim for as it will enhance the cultural underpinning in society.

We will support pregnancy crisis counselling services that offer practical help and assistance to establish strong and positive pro-life alternatives for pregnant women. Organisations such as Emily’s Voice deserve financial support and assistance because of the work they do and do well.

The end of life:

Every person will face death at some point of time and while to some – death will come suddenly others will transition towards death after a serious illness from which recovery is not possible. Such persons need strong and deliberate palliative care that must become available to all Australians, no matter where they live. The historical suffering that accompanied the pathway towards death is no longer necessary as we have developed good and wholesome palliative care that can and will deliver a sustainable and pain free death with dignity and wholesomeness. We therefore demand greater funding for the full rollout of palliative care throughout all of Australia. This care should be deliverable either in one’s home or in a medical facility as required.

There are those that desire euthanasia for they have no eternal value on life and consider humanity to be merely a life form of equal value to the plants that grow in our world. They claim that dying with dignity can only be achieved with the deliberate act to end a patient’s life.

We oppose any form of euthanasia, whether active (such as with an injection) or passive (such as by withdrawing food and water), whether voluntary (with the consent of the victim) or involuntary (without the consent of the victim). Euthanasia is never health care under any circumstances!