After careful examination of all the research on e-cigarettes, we are convinced that there is insufficient evidence to establish that e-cigarettes are a pathway to either give up cigarette smoking or even reduce smoking. It is most apparent that e-cigarettes are a replacement product for cigarettes only. The machine itself will vapourise most liquids. The liquids supplied at various outlets have many and varied chemicals in them. While some liquids packages contain relative harmless substances there are some substances even in them that may cause cancer and other health issues. The inclusion of nicotine in the liquids is not permitted as it is a controlled substance under the poisons regulations. A large number of the liquid packages contain quite dangerous products and therefore some serious regulation must be put into place.

We suggest that all ingredients be fully disclosed with the Department of Consumer Affairs and to be listed on a public access web site with full descriptions and independent analysis of any dangers or potential reactions.


  • E-cigarettes products must be treated as a controlled substance and must face the same control at the point of sale as cigarettes.
  • E-cigarettes products must face the same advertising restrictions as apply to cigarettes.
  • E-cigarettes products must face the same usage restrictions as applied to cigarettes.
  • The liquid sold for e-cigarettes must be only sold over the counter at the restricted point of sale by a trained person over the age of 18 years, and cannot be mailed or delivered by a third party as in a courier or any delivery person.