The C4C await the outcomes of further research and as well will review the results of current NSW Government trials into Medicinal Cannabis.

It is considered that medical cannabis is useful in alleviating pain and discomfort and as such we will support the use of this drug for such medical reasons, however we acknowledge the harmful effects of “recreational use” of this addictive drug. We are very much aware of the push by some to decimalize the use, growing and manufacture of cannabis products in the general population. We are concerned about the many public and private dangers to both the users and the population at large with the free access to addictive substances that may change the mind and behaviours of the users.


  • Many plants have natural healing capacity as is clearly stated in the Bible in many places, the herbs and plants were given to us for us to enhance our lives
  • Intoxication is not a safe state for a person to be freely wandering in the community as both the public and the intoxidated person are in a potential dangerous situation.
  • Natural remidies are to be encouraged as much as possible
  • Addictive substances must be managed carefully and need consideration of being restricted for the safety of all involved.
  • If research shows that the use of medicinal cannabis can be helpful in treatment of pain management then it ought to be available though a careful treatment program needs to be established so that addiction to the drug not be an ongoing problem