C4C recognises that the early settlers who came to Australia were Christian men and women and that the Commonwealth of Australia was established on Christian principles, as evidenced by the preamble of our Australian Constitution (“humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God”) and the symbolism of the four crosses on our Australian flag.
C4C believes that successive Federal, State and Local governments across Australia have a responsibility to uphold the Christian principles at the root of our national heritage.
C4C supports the retention of Christian prayers at the outset of each daily parliamentary session.
C4C believes that governments have a duty to allow the Church to continue to preach the Gospel unhindered.
Although religion is sometimes misused to channel violence or hatred in our communities,
C4C is opposed to laws that prevent or hinder anyone from living peaceably in accordance with his religious beliefs (for instance, antidiscrimination laws should not be used to force a Christian into renting accommodation to a homosexual couple).
C4C supports the right of Christian schools to continue to teach Christian doctrine in their curriculum (for example Creation) and to freely choose the staff they wish to employ.
C4C believes these important privileges are critical to retaining and protecting the Christian ethos upon which these schools were founded.
C4C supports Christian religious education in State schools whilst acknowledging the right of parents to opt out.
C4C believes that the adherents of other religions are entitled to freedom of worship and expression provided that they also accept that Christian beliefs and practices can continue to be upheld freely.  Adherents of non-Christian religions should recognise that in case of conflict between their tradition and Christian traditions, the Christian practice prevails out of respect for Australia’s well established Christian heritage.  For example, C4C supports the observance of Christmas and Easter by State schools and local governments.
C4C opposes any formal legal recognition of sharia law or aboriginal tribal law and supports one single body of laws for all Australians, irrespective of religion or ethnicity.