The following documents are concerning: COVID is Man-Made amp Fauci Bill Gates Daszak amp Moderna are responsible


Australian Health Officials Reject 3rd COVID Booster for All Ages • Children's Health Defense

These three documents give reasonable grounds for serious concerns and as a result of that as a responsible political party we MUST do we can to reveal the truth on these matters and as such we are directly concerned that information that is vital to the health of all in the community may be seriously compromised as vital questions remain unanswered and full and open clinical trials have not been made available for all to carefully examine for themselves. We are extremely pleased that the government is admitting that:

      • Unvaccinated people who have recovered from covid19 have a higher immunity for any future episode – as many had claimed often over the past several years.
      • That any additional vaccination beyond the initial 2 jabs is only marginally helpful if at all and can be counterproductive

Our concerns of the Government over-reach are as follows:

Failure to permit open debate on any medical procedure promoted by government is alarming

Preventing a medical practitioner having an independent thought on the treatment of this respiratory infection to the point of preventing them from having a license to practice medicine

Compulsion for a medical procedure is alarming in the first place in any democratic society.

Failure to make a full disclosure available of the medical procedure is alarming in any democratic society

Removing a person’s right for employment in any industry unless a medical procedure is performed when a full disclosure is not available on all the details of the procedure is extremely alarming in any democratic society

We have strong grounds to be alarmed and we want a full and open examination on all matters related to Covid19.