Volunteers & Social Media

As we are getting closer to the election we will need vo;unteers in many areas and so this is the first call out for volunteers; either as Campaign Volunteers and or Social Volunteers. Both of these areas willbe very important and we will need to be careful in all we do as this is where our party’s reputation can be made or broken. One may volunteer either for both.

Campaign Volunteers

There are many things that campaign volunteers can do and we have selected 3 areas in this form:

        • Letterbox distributors
        • Pre-polling day workers
        • Polling day workers

Social Media

There are many types of social media and it is important monitor, post as well as to crated the accounts for the various social media and that they must have respectful and effective poststhat promote the party and the campaign as much as possible. Feedback needs to be reported back to both candidates and the leadership group. We have listed some of the platforms and we well know there are others as well so select what you can be involved in and if not named please name them in the comments field: