The Constitution of C4C

The constitution of any organization is an important document that is a foundation document that sets out the rules of the organization so all people can know beforehand how the organization is intended to operate. It is no different for the C4C and so we have placed the constitution in the link below. When you click on the link (Constitution for Christians for Community) you will find a new window open up usually at the bottom of your screen that will take you to the details of the constitution.


Constitution for Christians for Community


We hope you will find the constitution helpful and balanced; it is our intention that the members of the Christians for Community, C4C, will be able in a loving and Christian way empower this political party to become a dynamic, effective and efficient alternative to the other political parties that are currently making a lot of noise about making life better for all Australians and yet not delivering on those promises. We invite you to join with us after examining the constitution so we can see Australia become a leading nation of democratic balanced social justice where all peoples are welcomed as equal before each other.

It is beholden upon us to be as Christians to, as far as it is possible to be at peace with all men and women in this world; yet we are not to compromise the God inspired moral and spiritual responsibilities that our Lord and Saviour has given to us as we walk daily with our God. Some in our world of influence will not accept a relationship with our God, yet we are to love them with care and dignity. We may not like what they do but we must love the person irrespective of what they do and hence in the political world we will need to demonstrate that love with real care in all the ways we present policies, discussions and directions to our communities. This is a challenging position to be in and with the care and help of our God we can and must fulfil this vital role in a world that may not know how desperately the new directions and understandings of what life can be for them and their communities.