Genetic Modified Products

In recent years there has been a lot of work being done on the modifying of the food products or systems within the food chain. The issues related to “mad cow” disease seems to be related to feeding cows offal with in the processed food cow received in their feed lots. There are also concerns of the extent of hormones fed to animals and used in fertilizers to increase the size of the products so as a greater return is given to the growers and the distributors. There are health concerns about some of the additives and the processes to enhance the final products. There are a number of real concerns related to the the origion of many diseases that humans, animals and plants have to deal with and some of the concern is related to the longer term effects of some of these processes, especially the creating of the ‘so called’ forever chemicles. 


  • We will establish a Register for Food Certification within the Department of Consumer Affairs for managing food labeling.

  • All certified products must disclose full details of how a product is modified and any independent health studies must be available for the public to examine.

  • All food products that are not natural must be certified with full disclosure of all processes and any possible side effects.

  • All food products must be labeled if there is any genetic modification performed to produce the food.
  • All details of food modification must be registered with full details penalties will apply for non-compliance.
  • Fertilizer and enhancers must be fully disclosed that are used to produce food products.

  • Chemical products used must not affect neighbours who may be producing organic products – penalties will apply.

  • Details of processed food for animals must be disclosed in detail.
  • Animal products produced for human consumption from animals fed with processed foods must be disclosed and the nature of the processed food and all possible harmful side effects.