There are many concerns about the numbers of people who have a drug dependent life, and there are three types of drugs of dependency – illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and over the counter drugs. A drug dependency either feeds the Pharmaceutical companies or the illegal drug Lords. There are many modern day illnesses that need drug therapy to retain reasonable and acceptable health; however we should not stop medical research to cure these illnesses because while medication is good to maintain health, a cure is better and should be the end goal.


  • The dependency on drug therapy should not be the end of medical research.

  • The illegal drugs need strong management from rehabilitation, law enforcement, and community profile.
  • The over the counter drugs need strong management and it seems that is best managed via long community information campaign.

  • Greater capacity to see a GP on short notice will assist in reducing unhealthy self-medication via over the counter drugs.

  • GPs and specialists need to establish a stronger view on full recovery from an illness and not being satisfied with maintaining poor health via drug theraphy but rather consider the use of natural products and remidies.
  • Music and festivals need to assure a zero drug policy or not be able to get permits to put on such events.
  • Stronger border protection to prevent the importation of illegal drugs.