Repealing the Conversion Practices Ban Bill 2024

It is a sad day to see the need to put in place a policy to repeal a Bill before the NSW Parliament before it is approved by both houses of the NSW Parliament and/or given assent by the Governor of NSW.

On the 21st March, 2024 the Christians for Community voted unanimously to repeal “The Conversion Practices Ban Bill 2024” if it becomes law in NSW as we strenuously oppose every aspect of this bill. We do hope and pray it will neither be approved by both houses of the NSW Parliament nor will the Governor of NSW grant assent to this bill if it is approved by the NSW Parliament.

This Bill if approved, criminalises parents and counsellors assisting people who have been encouraged to doubt their gender identity, and wish to identify as an alternate gender. This reidentification process can lead to dangerous hormone therapy and mutilating irreversible surgery to change the physical sexual appearance. These damaging interventions destroy lives, rendering victims unable to have sex, produce children, or breast feed infants.

Recently the National Health Service of the United Kingdom has banned gender reassignment procedures; these bans came in early in 2024. Christians for Community endorses such a ban on these procedures in NSW and Australia. Therefore, we promote every endeavour to discourage young people considering such action, and support them in receiving positive counselling to affirm them in their birth gender.

Children must be protected from all persons, including the state, during their vulnerable, and at times difficult days of discovering who they are in this world. Adolescence can be a difficult time and support is needed to affirm whom a child is and not to bring confusion into a child’s life. We, with God’s help, will seek to assist all young people to become the best person that they can become.