Please can you consider and fill out this form urgently as we need to submit to the receiver, Mr Condon, at the earliest convenience. You may also invite others to consider and to fill out the form by forwarding the email. Thank you for your attentiveness to this request. In Good Faith Milton Caine President C4C

Petition Details:

Petition to the Receiver of the Christian Democratic Party

Attention     Mr Condon

WHEREAS we, as some of the former financial members and supporters of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP), understand the CDP may have surplus funds at the end of the liquidation administered by you;

And whereas CDP’s constitution directs that any surplus funds be transferred to an organisation with similar objects;

And whereas the decision of Black J indicates the impracticality (if not impossibility) of achieving a special resolution of all the members of the CDP.

We the undersigned former financial members and/ or supporters of the CDP petition you to approach the Commissioner for Fair Trading pursuant to section 65 (1) (c ) of the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 for a direction that the surplus property of the CDP be distributed to the following association:

Christians for Community – Incorporation Association number INC 2200528

Christians for Community – ABN: 48 466 012 114

See – for more details

We the undersigned consider the above Association, that is Christians for Community, has the same primary object(s) as the CDP, namely the election of Christian candidates to the NSW State Parliament and Australian Federal Parliament.

December 2022