2023 Election Campaign Response

Hi all, the election is over as far as the voting is concerned, and now we await the final result after the counting is completed. As far as the Legislative Assembly is concerned, it is clear that the Labor Party has won that contest, though we do not have the final result on the number of seats that they have won at this stage. We need to pray for the incoming Labor Government that they will be able to do that with is right before our God.

Asto the Legislative Council the final result will not be known for some time and possibly about 3 weeks after the election we should know the result as the counting process is complicated and all the postal votes need to be received before the final counts can be done.

In the meantime, we should reflect on the lead up to the election day and the election day itself as we do we need to be critical in a constructive way of how we did the things that we did. Because of this I have created a feedback form that I would like you to fill in. It can be found below.

Please be honest and very gracious as we remember that we have just over 50 members and very little funds. Not all the members are well and able to man polling booths, as well many of the members have jobs and do what needs to be done after their workday is done.  We have no office or funds for an office or any paid staff; so, in all of that we need to remember it was a volunteer only workforce for the campaign.

From my point of view for each and every person I thank you for your contribution no matter how great or small all of your advice and efforts were and are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for all you have done.


    How do you feel the lead up to the election was as you saw it:

    How do you feel the election material appeared to you:

    How do you feel the election day went at your polling booth if you manned one:

    Do you have any constructive suggestions in preparation for the next round of elections: